Providence Technologies is a company focused on “business enablement” for its customers.  Through the cost effective application of technology Providence Technologies improves core business processes.  If your core business is selling paper clips we will enable you to sell more paper clips and lower your costs in the process.

When we talk about applying technology, we at Providence Technologies adhere to this principal throughout the entire organization.  Everyone is a hands-on technologist.  Even our salespeople have years of hands on engineering experience and are capable of giving your business the attention your technology need require.  Our design, implementation and support engineers have practical experience anywhere from 5 to 15 years and hold numerous industry certifications.

At Providence Technologies we also believe in the “relationship sale”.  We are not in the business of selling a solution to a customer and having that sale constitute the end of the relationship.  We pride ourselves in learning as much about your business as we can and then becoming an integral part of your business.  And we do all of this without forging a complete dependency.  We do not use technology to hold our customers hostage.  By accomplishing these goals we enjoy a very pleasant and appreciated working relationship with our customers.

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